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Tree of LifeIntroduction

Human Life is not about the expansion of theoretical knowledge, but about the applied insight into the the construction principles (laws) of reality,
i.e. the main creative task as living spirit is to convert knowledge into value.

Therefore, we need to learn to develop basic life skills for our mental state, healthy body and economic action.
This is also a self-management process, involving a methodical daily life style, realization tactics for monthly short-term goals and strategic reasoning for long-term annual transformations. The constructions principles of reality and the levels of complexity involved are practically and pragmatically best to be attacked by interaction and communication dynamics of the individual and groups (bottom-up) which will lead consequently to the gradual evolution of higher forms of large-scale social organization in free human association (with equality and diversity): the basic methodical reasoning process follows the top-down logic, i.e. this knowledge selection procedure communicates with real-world-complexity via signal feedbacks, but it does not pathologically try to neurotically and psychotically ‘control- and plan reality’.

Human health, the social economy and ethical behaviour are one body of study (top-down) and action (bottom-up) and this is what all ancient (holy) scriptures and traditions of humanity teach (of course with distinct anthropological beliefs and practices): it is the repentive emotional and cognitive decision to do and perform the ethically good (the difference of good and evil = ethics), expecting neither reward or punishment from upper force(s). Such an awareness will pave the way to Edenic or Adamic purity where light is always preferred over darkness.


(applications: money management, health research, ethical science).


Stephen Ternyik

Stephen I Ternyik

Stephen I. Ternyik (1960- )
Social science economist

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